Dr. Williams is an Ophthalmologist providing comprehensive eye care, covering a broad range of diagnoses, treatments and procedures.

One particular area of expertise Dr. Williams is well known for is addressing a variety of problems that fall under the heading of “dry eyes,” often labeled Dry Eye Syndrome.

Symptoms may include burning and stinging; a gritty feeling though nothing is in your eye; of course, dryness; itching, sensitivity to bright light; mucous secretions in the eye; and excessive watery eyes or tearing.

There are several causes of Dry Eye, including the aging process, wearing contact lenses, medication, the environment, and for women, menopause and pregnancy.

Dr. Williams welcomes you as a patient, be it for dry eye conditions or the multitude of other eye disorders, and/or injury, to one or both of your eyes.

To inquire about scheduling an appointment with Dr. Williams, please call our office.